Our Philosophy

Hamilton Aquatics is committed to giving each swimmer the opportunity to learn, develop and achieve their goals whilst having fun along the way. Our team culture ensures that every swimmer will be able to achieve their potential, with the correct coaching and commitment.

Through Long Term Athlete Development and correct planning, all training is delivered in a way that will allow swimmers to perform at their best, at the right stage of their swimming journey, whilst helping them stay in love with the sport that they have chosen.
Our experienced and passionate coaching team pride themselves on delivering diligent coaching sessions, with swimmers reaping the rewards of frequents constructive and positive feedback. To achieve their goals, our coaches challenge the swimmers to strive for excellence on a daily basis.


Our Squad programme has grown from 16 in its first week to over 600 swimmers in just 9 years. Throughout the programme we offer various levels depending on age and ability. Squad criteria is in place to ensure that selections are not only fair on other swimmers but correspond to each individual swimmer's physiological development with the Long Term Athlete Development Plan in mind.

We promote team spirit and create a fun, hardworking atmosphere within the team on poolside and through other sources such as the website, Facebook and Twitter. This enables the children, as well as their families, to reflect positively on a sport they have chosen to commit a large portion of their lives to. Our higher squads currently have swimmers representing over 20 different nationalities, which shows the squad's great versatility in developing young athletes of any nationality and culture.

The aim of Hamilton Aquatics Swim Squads is to produce international level athletes who are able to compete on the world stage at both junior and senior level, whilst being able to retain the sportsmanship skills required to be an athlete and role model.

Our structure provides a Performance Pathway for young aspiring swimmers through a well-developed and meticulously planned training environment with professional coaches. Part of this programme includes Club Pathway with lower levels of expectations for those swimmers who still have aims and goals that aren't swimming on an international stage. These swimmers still form part of our ethos of developing the life skills that sport enables us to teach and are just as much part of the programme as the “elite” swimmers.

Our Learn to Swim teachers work closely with the Development Pathway coaches to ensure a smooth transition from a teaching environment to our Development Pathway. Each development squad is led by a full time coach who is responsible for developing the swimmers' techniques, skills and aerobic base. Various locations are available for convenience across the younger squads.

Every year Hamilton Aquatics attend competitions in Qatar, UK and various European countries. Our team regularly travel around the world and we now have a respected reputation in the international swimming community.

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